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Treatment Fee
Consultation £95.00
CBCT Scan @ Consultation £80.00
Investigation Fee from £275.00
Root Canal Treatment
Anterior tooth from £650.00
Pre-molar tooth from £700.00
Molar tooth from £700.00
Re-Root Canal Treatment
Anterior tooth from £700.00
Pre-molar tooth from £750.00
Molar tooth from £800.00
Temporary Crown from £250.00
Core build-up from £150.00
Post placement from £350.00
Apicectomy plus guided bone regeneration from £750.00

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Endodontic Retreatment

Corrosion of Silver Point

A SEM of silver cones removed from endodontically treated teeth – Seltzer 1972

Corrosion of silver cones in bone, SEM analysis – Zielke 1975

Corrosion of silver cones in the subcutaneous connective tissue of the rat – Zmener 1985

Relation between corroded silve rpoints and endodontic failures – Goldberg 1981

Possible complication during treatment

Analysis of heat generation using ultrasonic vibration for post removal – 2005

Comparison of dentinal crack incidence and of post removal time resulting from post removal by ultrasonic of mechanical force – Altshul 1997

Temperature rise of the post and on the root surface during ultrasonic post removal – Budd 2005

The effect of ultrasonic post instrumentation on root surface temperature – Huttula 2006

Retreatment Rationale

A statistical analysis of surgical and nonsurgical endodontic retreatment cases – Allen 1989

Clinical management of nonhealing periradicular pathosis – Danin 1996

Periapical resurgery versus periapiacl surgery, 5 year longitudinal comparison – Gagliani 2005

Post surgical endodontics – Chalfin 1993

The outcome of endodontic resurgery, a systematic review – Peterson and Gutmann 2001

Treatment outcome in endodontics, the Toronto study, orthograde retreatment – Farzaneh 2004

Retreatment Techniques

A new method for silver point removal – Spriggs 1990

Chloroform in the endodontic operatory – McDonald 1992

Comparison between GP and resilon removal using two different techniques in endodontic retreatment – de Oliveira 2006

Comparison of removal times of thermafil plastic obturators using Profiles at different speeds – Royzenblat 2007

Effectiveness of halothane used with ultrasonic or hand instrumentation to remove GP from the root canal – Ladley 1991

Effectiveness of Profile .04 taper rotary instrument in endodontic retreatment – Sae-Lim 2000

Evaluation of gutta perch and sealer removal and canal reinstrumentation – Wilcox 1987

Nonsurgical retreatment – Ruddle 2004

Orthograde ultrasonic retrieval of root canal obstructions – CHenail 1987

Orthograde ultrasonic retrieval of root canal obstructions – Chenall 1987

Removal of thermafil root canal filling material – Bertrand 1997

Resorcinol-Formaldehyde resin russian red endodontic therapy – Schwandt 2003

Retreatment efficacy months after obturation using GIC, ZnOE, and epoxy resin sealers – Moshonov, Trop, Friedman 1994

Retreatment in endodontics – Gilbert 1987

Risk assessment of the toxicity of solvents of GP used in endodontic retreatment – Chutich 1998

Surgical endodontic retreatment – Reit 1986

Surgical treatment of iatrogenic canal blockages – Block 1987

The conservative retrieval of silver cones in difficult cases – Krell 1984

The efficacy of GP removal using Prfiles – Ferreire 2001

Thermafil retreatment using a new ‘System B’ heat source or a solvent – Wolcott 1999

The removal of posts

Comparison of 2 techniques for removing fiber posts – Gesi 2003

Comparison of the efficiency and effectiveness of various techniques for removal of fiber posts – Lindemann 2005

Effect of ultrasonic vibration and various sealer and cement combinations on titanium post removal – Bergeron 2001

Effect of ultrasonic vibration on post removal in extracted human premolar teeth – Johnson 1996

Influence of ultrasound, with and without water cooling spray, on removal of posts cemented with resin or zinc phosphate cements – Garrido 2004

Methods for removing metal obstructions from the root canal – 1993 Hulsmann

Post removal prior to retreatment – Machtou 1989

Removal of silver points and fractured posts by unltrasonics – Glick 1986

The Masserann technique for the removal of fractured posts in endodontically treated teeth – Williams 1983

Endodontic – Periodontal Interrelationship

Endodontic-periodontal interrelationships 2008 JOE

Classification of endo perio lesions

Diagnosis, prognosis and decision-making in the treatment of combined periodontal -endodontic lesions – Rotstein 2004

A histologic evaluation of dental pulp tissue of a pt with periodontal disease – Torabinejad 1985

A histological evaluation of the human pulp in teeth with varying degrees of periodontal disease – Czarnecki Schilder 1979

Darkfield microscopy as a dignostic aid in differentiating exudates from endodontic and periodontal abscessess – Trop 1988

Influence of periodontal disease on th epulp – Mazur Massler 1964

Periodontal disease, bacteria and pulpal histopathology – Langeland 1974

The endo-perio lesion, a critical appraisal of the disease condition – 2006 Rotstein, Simon

The interrelationship of pulp and periodontal disease – Bender and Seltzer 1963

The transmission of pathologic changes between the pulp and the periodontal structures – Sinai 1973

Root resection and hemisection

An evaluation of root resections – a 10yr study, 1981 Langer

Microscopic study of the pulps of human teeth following vital root resection – Tagger 1977

Root resection on a maxillary first molar – Haskell 1972

Vital root resection in maxillary molar teeth, a longitudinal study – Filipowicz 1984

Vertical Root Fractures

An evaluation of endodontically treated vertically fractured teeth – Tamse 1999

An evalutation of endodontically treated vertical root fractured teeth, impact of operative procedures – Fuss 2001

Detection and treatment of vertical root fractures – Stewart 1988

Diagnosis and possible causes of vertical root fractures – Meister 1980

Further investigation of spreader loads required to cause vertical root fracture during lateral condensation – Holcomb 1987

Load and strain during lateral condensation and vertical root fracture – Lertchirakarn 1999

Multidisciplinary approach to the repair of vertically fractured teeht – Trope 1992

Odontoiatrogenic tooth fracture – Schweitzer 1989

Pattern of bone resorption in vertically fractured enoddontically treated teeth – Lustig 2000

Periodontal healing after bonding treatment of vertical root fracture – Sugaya 2001

The histopathogeneis of vertical root fractures – Walton 1984

Vertical root fracture and root distortion. effect of spreader design – Dang 1989

Vertical root fracture in endodontically versus nonendodontically treated teeth – Chan 1999

Immunological reaction and endodontics

Immunologic reactions and endodontics, an online study guide 2008 JOE

Cysts versus granulomas

Incidence of periapical cysts in relation to the root canal – Simon 1980

Types and incidence of human periapical lesions obtained with extracted teeth – Nair 1998

A bacteriological and histological evaluation of 58 periapical lesions – Wayman 1992

A clinical roentgenographic and histopathologic evalutation of peripapical lesions – Linenberg 1956

A histopathologic and histobacteriologic study of 35 periapical endodontic surgical specimens – Langeland 1977

A histopathologic, histobacteriologic and radiographic study of periapical endodontic surgical specimens – Block 1976

Clinical roentgenologic and histopathologic findings in teeth with apical radiolucent areas – Baumann 1956

Electrophoretic differentiation of radicular cysts and granulomas – Morse 1973

Histologic features of apical periodontitis in human biopsies – Ricucci Bergenholtz 2004

Incidence of periradicular pathoses in endodontic treatment failures – Nobuhara 1993

New perspectives on radicular cysts – do they heal Nair 1998

Non-microbial etiology – foreign body reaction maintaining post-treatment apical periodontitis – Nair 2003

Non-microbial etiology – periapical cysts sustain post-treatment apical periodontitis – Nair 2003

Periapical lesions – types incidence and clinical features – Bhaskar 1966

Prevalence of different periapical lesions with the presence of apical external root resorption – Vier 2002

Significance of findings following biopsy and histologic study of 100 periapical lesion – Wais 1956

The frequency and distribution of periapical cysts and granulomas – Lalonde 1968

The nature of the periapical lesion – 1108 cases – Stockdale 1988


Correlations between endotoxin and clinical symptoms or radiolucent areas in infected root canals – Horiba 1991

Determination of endotoxins in the vital pulp of human carious teeth – association with pulpal pain – Khabbaz 2001

Endotoxic activity in periapical lesions – Schonfeld 1982

Endotoxin contact in endodontically involved teeth – Schien Schilder 1975

Investigation of the role of endotoxin in periapical inflammation – Pitts 1982

Radiographic and histologic evaluation of the effect of endotoxin on the periapical tissues of the cat – Dwyer, Torabinejad 1981

Potential immunological reactions

Mediators of acute and chronic periradicular lesions – Torabinejad 1994

Pathogenesis of apical periodontitis and the causes of endodontic failures – Nair 2004

Antibody-producing cells in human periapiacla granulomas and cysts – Stren 1981

Apical lesions contain elevated immunoglobulin G levels – Greening 1980

Biosynthesis of immunoglobulin isotypes in human periapical tissues – Jones 1980

Characterization of the periapical surgical specimen – Weiner 1982

Concentrations of immune complexes IgG IgM IgE and C3 in patients with acute apical abscesses – Kettering Torabinejad 1984

Conentrations of IgE in patients with chronic periapical lesions – Kettering Torabinejad

Detection of immune complexes in periapical lesions – Torabinejad 1979

Detection of ummunoglobulins from explant cultures of periapical lesions – Baumgartner 1991

Expression of bone-resorptive and regulatory cytokines in murine perapical inflammation – Kawashima 1999

Human T lymphocyte subpopulations in chronic periapical lesions – Cymerman 1984

Immune compontents in periapical lesions – Pulver 1978

Immunoglobulins in periapical granulomas – Maidorf 1975

Immunopathogenesis of chronic periapical lesions – Torabinejad 1978

Importance of mast cells in periapical inflammatory lesions – Ledesma-Montes 2004

Inflammatory infiltrate of chronic periradicular lesions – Liapatas 2003

Localization of IGs and C3 in periapical lesions – Kuntz 1977

Morphometric analysis of chronic inflammatory periapical lesions in root-filled teeth – Bergenholtz 1983

Pathogenesis of induced rat periapical lesions – Stashenko 1994

Quantitative analysis of cellular composition of human periapical granuloma – Stern1981

Serum immunoglobin levels and bacterial flora in subjects with acute oro-facial swellings – Svetcov 1983

The concentration of PRE2 in periradicular pesions – McNicholas TOrabinejad 1991

The role of immunlogical reactions in apical cyst formation and the afte of epithelial cells after rct – a theory – Torabinejad 1983

TNF identified in periapical tissue exudates of teeth with apical periodontitis – Safavi 1991

Management of the immature apex tooth

Management of the immature apex tooth, an online study guide 2008 JOE


Apexification – a review – Rafter 2005

A comparative study of tooth apexification in the dog – Citrome 1979

Apical closure in the presence of pulpal necrosis – 2 case reports – 1989 Schindler

As study of endodoncitally apexified teeth – Kleier 1991

Long-term calcium hydroxide as a root canal dressing may increase risk of root fracture – Andreasen 2002

Management of the open apex 2 – non-vital teeth – Gutmann 1981

Preliminary evaluation of BMP-2 during apexification with calcium hydroxide and MTA – Ham 2005

Revitalization of pulpless open apex teeth in monkeys, using collagen-calcium phosphate gel – Nevins 1976

Stimulation of root formation in incompletely developed pulpless teeth – Heithersay 1970

Tricalcium phosphate as an adjunct to apical closure in pulpless permanent teeth – Roberts 263


Evaluation of the dentinal bridge after pulpotomy and calcium hydroxide dressing – Goldberg 1984

Histological appearance of exposed pulps by a crown fracture, partial pulpotomy – Cvek 1983

Induction of root formation in the exposed immature tooth with vital pulp – Krakow – 1977

Management of the open (immature) apex, vital teeth – Gutmann 1981

Partial pulpotomy and capping with calcium hydroxide with complicated crown fracture – Cvek 1978

Partial pulpotomy for exposed pulps in crown-fractured permanent incisors – Fuks 1987

Partial pulpotomy in young permanent teeth with deep carious lesion – Majare, Cvek 1993

Pulp reactions to exposure after experimental crown fractures or grinding – Cvek 1982

Reaction of the exposed pulp to Dycal treatment – Tronstad 1974

Artificial Apical barriers

Apical plug technique using MTA – results from a case series – Pace 2007

Comparative study of white and gray MTA in 1- or 2-step barrier – Matt 2004

Evaluation of ultrasonically placed MTA and fracture resistance with intracanal composite resin – Lawley 2004

In-vitro evaluation of microleakage of an orthograde apical plug of MTA in open apices – Al-Khatani 2005

MTA obturation of pulpless teeth with open apices- bacterial leakage – de Leimburg 2004

Placement of MTA using 2 different techniques – Aminoshariae 2003

Sealing properties of MTA orthograde apical plugs and root fillings – Martin 2007

The effect of MTA on the apexification and periapical healing of teeth with incomplete root formation – Felippe 2006

The sealing ability and retention chracteristics of MTA in a model of apexification – Hachmeister 2002

The use and predictable placement of MTA in 1-visit apexification cases – Steinig 2003

The use of MTA in 1-visit apexification treatment – prospective study – Simon 2007

Revascularization, Regeneration

Acceleration of human recombinant bone porphogenetic protein-2 on differentiatino of human pulp cells into odontoblasts – Saito 2004

Disinfection of immature teeth with a triple antibiotic paste – Windley, Trope 2005

Immature teeth with periradicular periodontitis or abscess undergoing apexogenesis, a paradigm shift – 2006 Chueh

Pulp revascularizatino of replanted immature dog teeth after different treatment methods – Yanpiset, Trope 2000

Pulp revascularizatino of replanted immature dog teeth after treatment with minocycline and doxycycline – Ritter 2004

Pulp revascularization of immature dog teeth with apical periodontitis – Thibodeau, Trope 2007

Regenerative endodontics, a review of current status and a call for action – Murray 2007

Revascularizatio of an immature permanent tooth with apical periodontitis and sinus tract – Iwaya 2001

Revascularization of immature permanent teeth with apical periodontitis, new treatment protocol – Banchs and Trope 2004

Sterilization of infected root canal dentine by topical application of a mixture of ciprofloxacin, metronidazole and minocycline in situ – Sato 1996

The applicatino of tissue engineering to regeneratino of pulp and dentin in endodontics – Nakashima 2005

Procedural Accidents

Procedural Accidents, an online study guide 2008 JOE

Irrigants and materials

Mishaps and serious complications in endodontic obturation – Gluskin 2005

Complications during root canal irrigation – Hulsmann 2000

Displaced calcium hydroxide paste causing inferior alveolar nerve paraesthesia – Ahlgren 2003

Implications, prevention and management of suncutaneous emphysema during endodontic treatment – Battrum 1995

Injury to the inferior alveolar nerve due to thermoplastic gutta percha – Blanas 2002

Periodontal implications of formocresol medication – 1986 Kopczyk

Severe facial ischemia after endodontic treatment – Lindgren 2002

Sodium hypochlorite injection into periapical tissues – Sambala 1989

Perforation Repairs

A histologic evaluation of periodontal tissues adjacent to root perforations filled with cavit – Jew 1982

An evaluation of the use of amalgam, cavit and calcium hydroxide in the repair of furcation perforations – ElDeeb 1982

Evaluation of setting properties and retentnion characteristics of MTA when used as a furcation perforation repair material – Sluyk 1998

Histologic study of furcation perforations treated with MTA or Super EBA in dogs teeth – Yildirim – 2005

Perforation repair comparing 2 types of MTA – Ferris 2004

Perforation repair comparing MTA and amalgam using an anaerobic bacterial leakage model – Nakata, Baumgartner 1998

Recall evaluation of iatrogenic root perforations repaired with amalgam and gutta perch – Benenati 1986

Repair of root perforations using MTA – long term study – 2004 Main

Resin-ionomer and hybrid-ionomer cements – wound healing in periodontal lesions – Dragoo 1997

Sealing ability of MTA and Super EBA when used as a furcation repair material – longitudinal study – 2002 Weldon

Sealing ability of MTA for repair of lateral root perforations – Seung-Jong, Torabinejad 1993

Sealing ability of one-up bond and MTA with and without a secondary seal as furcation perforation repair materials – Hardy 2004

Use of a hydroxlyapatite-based materil and calcium sulfate as artificial floors to repair furcal perforations – 1998 Alhadainy

Use of MTA for repair of furcal perforations – Pitt-Ford 1995

Separated Instruments

A comparison of 3 methods for preparing centred platforms around separated instruments in curved canals – Iqbal 2006

A retrospective clinical study of incidence of root canal instrument separation in an endodontics graduate program – Iqbal 2006

Complications associated with fractured file removal using an ultrasonic technique – Souter, Messer 2005

Effect of a separated instrument on bacterial penetration of obturated root canals – Saunders 2004

Evaluation of an ultrasonic technique to remove fractured rotary nickel-titanium endodontic instruments from root canals – Ward 2003

Influence of several factors on the success or failure of removal of fractured instruements from the root canal – Hulsmann 1999

Rotary Ni-Ti profile systems for preparing curved canals in resin blocks – influence of operator on instrument breakage – Mandel 1999

The dilemma of the fractured instrument – Frank 1983

The impact of instrument fracture on outcome of endodontic treatment – Spili 2005

Relationship between systemic disease and endodontics

Alcohol abuse and dependency – Friedlander 2003

Antibiotic prophylaxis for dental patients with total joint replacements – 2003 ADA and A orthopedic surgeons

Antithrombic agents – implications in dentistry – LIttle 2002

Bisphosphonate and osteonecrosis of the jaws – Gutta 2007

Bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaws and endo treatment – Sarathy 2005

Cancer therapeutics – an update on its effects on oral health – Barasch 2007

Dental management of the patient with cardiac arrhythmias – Rhodus 2003

Drug interactions – a review and update – Byrne 2003

Endodontic complications in an irradiated patient – 1977 Montgomery

Endodontic treatment for the von willebrand patien – Vire 1982

Hepatitis viruses A,B,C,D,E and G – Gillcrist 1990

High prevalence of apical periodontitis amongst type 2 diabetic patients – Segura-Egea 2005

Lupus erythematosus – considerartions for dentistry – De Rossi 1998

Management of the latex hypersensitive patient – Kleier 1999

Managing the care of patients infected with bloodborne diseases – DePaola 2003

New National guidelines on hypertension – Herman 2004

Oral and maxillofacial manifestations of systemic and generalized disease – Cleveland 2003

Oral care for patients with cardiovascular disease and stroke – Rose 2002

Periodontal treatment considerations for cell transplant and organ transplant patients – Vasanthan 2007

Prevalence of IE in patients with SLE – Miller 1999

Prevention of infective endocarditis – guidelines from the american heart association – Wilson 2007

Pulpal inflammation and incidence of coronary heart disease – Joshipura 2006

Relationship between systemic diseases and endodontics, an online study guide 2008 JOE

Risk and prevention of Hep C – Cleveland 1999

Supplemental corticosteroids for dental patients with adrenal insufficiency – Miller 2001

Syphilis – an update – LIttle 2005

The dental team and latex hypersensitivity – ADA Council 1999

The effect of Diabetes mellitus on endodontic treatment outcome – Fouad2003

The patient with a heart murmur – Lessard 2005

The prevalence of cardiac valvular pathosis in patients with SLE – Luce 1990

Thyroid disorders part I – Hyperthyroidism – Little 2006

Thyroid disorders part II – hypothyroidism and thyroiditis – Little 2006

Thyroid disorders part III – neoplastic thyroid disease – Little 2006

Single Visit Endodontics

A comparative study of the single visit and the multiple visit endodontic procedure – Soltanoff 1978

Effective 1 visit therapy for the acute periapical abscess – Southard 1984

Effectiveness of single versus multiple visit endodontic treatment of teeth with apical periodontitis, a systematic review and meta-analysis – Sathorn 2005

Flare up rate in pulpally necrotic molars in 1 visit vs 2 visit endodontic treatment – Eleazer 1998

Histological periapical repair after obturation of infected root canals in dogs – katebzadeh 1999

Incidence of post op pain after 1 appointment endodontic treatment of asymptomatic pulpal necrosis in single rooted teeth – Mulhern 1982

Incidence of postoperative pain after single and multiple visit endodontic procedures – Roane 1983

Influence of calcium hydroxide intracanal dressings on the prognosis of teeth with endodontically induced periapical lesions – Weiger 2000

Influence of infection at the time of root filling on the outcome of endodontic treatment of teeth with apical periodontitis – sjogren 1997

One appointment endodontic therapt, a taionwide survey of endodontists – Calhoun 1982

Radiographic evaluation of periapical healing after obturation of infected root canals – in vivo – Katebzadeh trope 2000

Single visit endodontics – a clinical study – Oliet 1983

Single visit endodontics, an online study guide

Surgical Endo

1. Indication and Contraindications

Indications and contraindications

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12 Julian R.D Moiseiwitsch 1998

13 G. -C Jin, K. -D Kim, B. -D Roh, C. -Y Lee, S. – J Lee 2005

2. Endodontic flap design

Endodontic flap design

15 Richard M. Lubow, Blake E. Wayman, Robert L. Cooley 1984

16 Bruce J. Kramper, Edward J. Kaminski, Edward M. Osetek, Michael A. Heuer 1984

17 Julian R.D. Moiseiwitsch 1995

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19 Peter Velvart, Christine I. Peters 2005

3. Root-end resection

Root end resection

22 John W. Harrison, Maylon J. Todd 1980

24 Kathleen R. Craig, John W. Harrison 1993

25 Peter A. Gilheany, David Figdor, Martin J. Tyas 1994


4. The bevelled root surface

The bevelled root surface

27 Frank J. Vertucci, Richard G. Beatty 1986


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5. Root-End Preparation Techniques

Root end preparation techniques – Summary of papers

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6. Root-end filling materials

Root End filling material – summary of papers (45-60)

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bacterial leakage of MTA as a root end filling material

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7. Endodontic Surgical Aids

8. Endodontic surgical wound healing

Craig and Harrison

Harrison Jurosky Part 1

Harrsion 1991

Harrsion and Jurosky

Harrsion Jurosky part 2

10. Surgical Threphination

Henry and Fraser

Houck et al

Moos et al

Nist et al

12.Endo-osseous Implants

Larsen et al

Madison et al

Seltzer et al

Weine and Frank

Submergence of Roots

Garver and Muir

Garver Fenster

O’neal and gound

Reames et al

Whitaker and Shankle

14. Replantation of Teeth

Conklin 1978

Hasselgren et al

Smith et al

15. Cystic Decompression

Freedland 1970

Hoen and Labounty


Neaverth and Burg

Surgical Endo – Part 2

A systematic review of in vitro retrograde obturation materials

Ability of 3 root end filling materials to prevent bacterial microleakage

Bacterial leakage of MTA as a root end filling material

Cardiovascular effects and efficacy of a hemostatic agent in periradicular surgery

Cytotoxicity of MTA using human periodontal ligament fibres

Does low dose aspirin complicate oral surgery procedures

Efficay of epinephrine concentration during perio surgery

Ferric sulphate hemostasis

Haemostasis in periradicular surgery

Hemostatic efficacy and cardiovascular effects of agents used during endodontic surgery

Longtitudinal microleakage evaluation of super EBA as a root-end filling material

Longtitudinal sealing ability of MTA as a root-end filling material

Methylene blue dye

Modern endodontic surgery concepts and practice

Myths of dental surgery in patients recieving anti-coagulant therapy

Osseous reactions to 3 haemostatic agents

Periapical tissue responses and cementum regeneration with amalgam, super EBA and MTA

Reactions of connective tissue to amalgam, IRM, MTA and MTA with chlorhexidine

Root end filling materials a review

The role of pre-operative antibiotic administrationin endodontic surgery

The use of calcium sulphate in the surgical treatment of the through and through lesion

Transillumination of the beveled root surface

Use of self-etching adhesives to seal resected apices

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