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Dear Gurps

It is now nearly 18 months since you root-filled my UR7.  I am pleased to say that from the day of the treatment I have not felt a single twinge from the tooth.  As a fellow dentist it was interesting to be on the receiving end of such treatment and I was very impressed by your professionalism and the degree of skill employed.

I would be very pleased to refer patients of mine to you for such treatment.


Robert Bradbury BDS

In 2012 I had a swollen face and facial pain, I went to my Doctor thinking I had sinus problems but he referred me to my dentist, Mr Singh.  Mr Singh diagnosed a problem on my upper right premolar tooth and was able to do a root canal treatment the same day.  Although I was slightly nervous the treatment was comfortable and pain free.  The pain in my face settled quickly and since then I have had absolutely no problems with this tooth.

I would highly recommend Mr Singh, he put me at ease and did a really good job.

Mrs Robinson

After previously having a terrible experience having a root canal resulting in the tooth being extracted, I was very upset being told I needed to have the same treatment again on another tooth.  My dentist recommended I went to Suffolk Root Canal in Hadleigh to get the best outcome and she referred me very quickly.  The very pleasant reception staff arranged for a consultation appointment and made me feel very welcome on the day.

My consultation with Gurps really helped put me at ease, he did a thorough inspection and went through what needed to be done.  It was explained by using an x-ray and it was clear where the problem existed. Due to my previous experience I was very nervous about having the treatment done, but I can honestly say I was made to feel very comfortable and felt I was receiving the best care.  The treatment went smoothly and was nothing like I experienced before.  I then returned to my dentist for the tooth to be crowned and I would recommend to anyone who requires root canal treatment to contact Gurps at Suffolk Root Canal.


Following recurrent periodontal flare-ups the cause was found to be deep pocketing around the distobuccal root of my upper right 1st molar with bifurcation involvement. However the periodontal state around the palatal and mesiobuccal roots was good with no bifurcation involvement between them. It was therefore decided to root canal treat this tooth and then amputate the distobuccal root thereby eliminating the inaccessible pockets and retaining a tooth supported by two strong roots.

Mr Singh gained access though a sound gold crown and carried out root treatment of 4 canals over two visits under local anaesthetic. Happily this was painless and subsequently symptom-free. I then returned after a four week probation when he surgically removed this root. I have, been free of any discomfort during the ensuing 12 months and the periodontal condition was found to be healthy both clinically and radiographically

Dr Brian Chilvers
Retired Harley St Dentist

Being a dentist I was horrified when I told my wife she required a root canal treatment so I insisted she went to see Gurps at Hadleigh Dental. He performed the root canal treatment in a single stage and we were all happy with the result. My wife is a dental phobic was surprised how quick and easy Gurps made the procedure. Along the way, he reassured her that all the techniques to limit failure were employed including rubber dam. Once he completed the treatment he advised for a crown to be placed on this tooth and this was arranged by me.

Thank you once again for a great service.

Dentist from Colchester

I visited Hadleigh Dental Surgery in 2013 for a cracked tooth. From my first appointment I was completely reassured by Gurps. He spent a lot of time explaining to me the situation of my teeth and the treatment process going forwards. I was extremely confident that I had found the right man for the job. The equipment, surgery and nurses are all excellent at Hadleigh Dental.

Gurps used a microscope, which was very impressive to prepare my tooth for a crown. The attention to detail was exceptional from start to finish. The crown matches all my other teeth and after a few months feels back to normal. I could not recommend him enough, truly gifted dentist.

Dr Sedani, Implant Surgeon and Practice Owner in Colchester

I had terrible tooth ache from an upper molar tooth and went to see my son who is a dentist to get me out of pain. I was told I needed root canal and the treatment was started. Due to the complexity of the anatomy of my tooth my son referred me to Gurps to have my root canal care completed since he has a special interest in root canal.

I was anxious about the treatment as you hear such stories about root canal. I felt no pain at all, Gurps and his lovely nurse kept making sure I was ok throughout the treatment. My root canal was finished by Gurps with such care I have to say I was really happy with the treatment provided to me and I have not had a problem since my treatment finished.

I have had a root canal treatment and a crown fitted, I was so pleased to have my tooth back. I would not think twice if anyone else is thinking about having root canal treatment make sure you book into to see Gurps because he really looks after and makes you feel completely as ease.

Mrs M S
Retired Manager, North London

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